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from the management of "RADIKOM" Ltd., Plovdiv

policy and objectives of the company

"RADIKOM" EOOD, Plovdiv is a specialized manufacturer of table starch, soups, spices, cream cream, ice cream, paprika colored table salt, dry milk, cocoa powder, dried green prodpravki; acid, black pepper; cumin powder, soda, ammonia, coconut, chocolate and sugar sticks, Canal, nutmeg, garlic powder, nutritional supplements, dietary salt, baking soda, allspice, fash, coffee cream, coffee, universal breading crumbs, pudding, baking powder; furniture, cornflakes, oatmeal, branded "RADIKOM." The Company is developing successfully thanks to the constant desire to explore and meet our customers' requirements.

In current market conditions - in increasing competition in the market and rising of user requirements, management estimates that a successful business and sustainable development is only possible through the provision of safe products of proven quality, geared to the needs and expectations of our customers. Therefore, our main objective is:


Management estimates that the objective is only possible through an effective quality management and ensuring safe food production based on tried and tested principles of ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP. This calls for:

active participation of all management personnel in determining the objectives, targets and tasks, and create the environment in which staff are able to actively contribute to the achievement of objectives;
involvement of staff at all levels and the use of its potential for the production of safe products that meet the requirements of the customer, providing opportunities for their training, awareness and competence;
and precise control of all the system processes, their sequence and interactions, a systematic approach to management;
production strictly according to certain hygienic, technological and regulatory requirements;
implementation of action for collecting objective information and analysis of data concerning the processes for compliance with customer requirements, regulations, system performance, planning and implementation of continuous improvement;
maintain mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers to enhance the ability of both to create high-quality and safe products.
Management of "RADIKOM" EOOD, Plovdiv is convinced that the staff clearly recognizes the role of the quality and safety of products for our development and success, and is confident that everyone according to their rights, responsibilities and opportunities, now and in the future contributes to policy implementation and effective functioning of the quality management and production of a safe product.

As Manager of "RADIKOM" Ltd., Plovdiv DECLARE personal involvement and responsibility in the implementation of the stated in this Privacy Policy on the quality and production of a safe product.

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